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3D Signs, Business Signs, Channel Letters, LED Message Board, Monument Signs, and Custom Signs in Hamburg, PA

You might not think that you would need a sign for your business in a small town like Hamburg, but that just isn’t the case. If you didn’t have a business sign up on the building that you are in, how would anyone know that your business was there? From small towns to major cities, businesses like yours rely on a variety of custom signs from D-Signs & Awnings, Inc. in order to get customers and let people know where you are located. From simple 3D signs on a building to freestanding monument signs to high-tech LED message boards, the crew at D-Signs & Awnings, Inc. have done it all and can bring that expertise to make your business sign the best it can be. Give a call to them today to get the process started of adding or upgrading your business sign.

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VR Cafe Channel Letter Sign in Hamburg, PAChannel Letters for Business Signs in Hamburg, PA

You’ve probably seen channel lettering for businesses but might not have realized what it was. Channel lettering provides a space to have lights inside the letters and to put a colored acrylic cover over the letters. This lets the name light up to be seen at all hours of the day or night. What makes these kinds of business signs so popular is that they can spell out anything and can be stylized however the business owner wants them to be. These kinds of signs are commonly mounted to the sides of buildings, and often you will see several of them on strip malls and other commercial properties over the doors to those businesses.

Monument Signs and Custom Signs in Hamburg, Pennsylvania

When it comes to having a custom sign for your business, many turn to what is referred to as a monument sign. These signs are mounted at ground level and are often several feet tall. Many commercial properties that have several tenants use these to provide a space for all of the businesses in the building to put their business names, helping to advertise them all. But other businesses choose to use the monument sign because they can be made to look like their larger building, or they could be made to look like anything else desired. No matter what kind of sign you need for your business, contact D-Signs & Awnings, Inc. today to get their team working for you.

Hamburg was officially founded in 1787, generally thought to have been named after the “German Hamburg” due to the largely German population of the region. However, Martin Kaerscher Jr.’s father Johann Martin Kaerscher Sr. (1718-1787) emigrated in 1738 from Langenselbold in Hessia which is far from the northern seaport of Hamburg, so it is likely that “Hamburg” is a corruption of Bad Homburg due to the Blue Mountains very similar appearance to the Taunus mountain range. On July 1, 1798, Hamburg became the second town with a postal designation in Berks County, preceded only by Reading.

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