Awnings in Allentown, Coopersburg, Doylestown, Lehighton, Phillipsburg, and Stroudsburg, PA

Awnings in Allentown, Coopersburg, Doylestown, Lehighton, Phillipsburg, and Stroudsburg, PAWe pass by businesses every day but have you ever really looked at their entrances and the buildings they are in? Many of them have awnings over their Phillipsburg business entrances, announcing their business name with color and flair. It is a subtle yet powerful way that a business can set itself apart while also looking professional. There are several benefits to having a business awning, and they can be made from a variety of materials.

Awning Materials

As you continue to spot the different commercial awnings around Allentown, you will most likely notice that they are not all made from the same material. Some look like fabric while others appear to be made of metal. What do they actually use to make these awnings to stand up to the beat sun and other weather?

There are several materials to consider for your Lehighton business awning. The first is vinyl-laminated polyester. This polyester has an acrylic topcoat that helps to make it look like vinyl, but it has the topcoat for protection and will last much longer. The second common material used is a sunbrella fabric. It has the look and feel of canvas but is really sunbrella acrylic to help it deal with the changes in weather much better than canvas would. And finally, the metal is aluminum, which is light and flexible, but also stiff. Aluminum is used as the frame for sunbrella and vinyl-laminated polyester, but it can also be used as the awning itself as well.

Benefits Of Commercial Awnings

First is the fact that a commercial awning provides improved visibility for the business. People driving through Coopersburg will more readily notice a colored commercial awning on a building and wonder what business is there. If your business has multiple locations, having the same commercial awning at all locations helps customers to know that they are at the right place, even if they haven’t visited that particular location of yours before.

Another reason is for protection, sometimes outside your Stroudsburg store but certainly inside the store. A commercial awning can help protect against some of the UV rays that come through your windows and cause fading and damage to things inside your business. Awnings can also help decrease the amount of rain and snow that might be tracked into the building.

Last is money saving. Having a commercial awning helps to block some of the sunshine that comes into your business, thereby reducing the expense of cooling the building as much. As you can see, having a business awning for your Doylestown business can help it stand out from the rest.

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