Business Signs in Allentown, Coopersburg, Doylestown, Lehighton, Phillipsburg, and Stroudsburg, PA

Having a business sign for your Doylestown business is an absolute necessity. It quietly advertises your business 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance. One of the easiest marketing pieces that you could invest in for your business is a great looking business sign. A good business sign works for you rain or shine, day and night, and you don’t need to worry about if it will show up to work the next day.

Business Signs in Allentown, Coopersburg, Doylestown, Lehighton, Phillipsburg, and Stroudsburg, PAYou have a lot of options depending on many factors such as where you are located, local ordinances, and more. A pylon sign might be a great way to let people know where your Phillipsburg location is, or you might be part of a monument sign with other businesses in a strip mall. And it’s important that you have a sign on the building itself as well so people know where your entrance door is.

Channel Letter Signs Make A Stylized Impact

Perhaps you’ve seen major national chain restaurants have their name on the side of the Allentown buildings that they are in. Those are channel letter signs, and they are very useful. Not only that, but they can be stylized however you may want, which makes them a great way to keep your brand unique. You have a lot of options when it comes to channel lettering, and D-Signs & Awnings can help you pick the right combination to make your business “pop”.

Standard channel lettering is usually made with a metal housing and a colored plastic front. These letters are often lit from within so that the sign can be seen at night as well as during the day. Other options are exposed metal frames that house neon inside for lighting, sometimes using plastic formed channel lettering, and even using back-lit or halo lettering.

Pylon and Monument Signs Are Most Common

You’ve seen these signs all over Coopersburg, hoisted up on large poles to give visibility to travelers, and attract them to their business. Often they are simply the business name, often with their logo, and sometimes there is a digital display aspect to them as well, such as displaying prices for things.

When you drive through Lehighton and come to strip malls and other retail or shopping outlets, you will typically see monument signs. These business signs have spaces for all of the businesses in the strip building to advertise their name. Usually, these are lit at night so the sign is readable at all hours of the day and night.

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