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Signs for the Pandemic and Beyond

Protective Signs by D-Signs & Awnings
Outdoor dining COVID separation enclosure
From social distancing markers to plexiglass barriers, protective signage is a vital tool in keeping employees and customers safe…and your company compliant with CDC and other federal, state, and local requirements. D-Signs & Awnings has been busy creating signage to meet the increased demands for protection and safety during the onset of COVID-19. However, we’ve been providing protective signage long before this current pandemic.

Whether it’s a sign for trucks that haul flammable materials or a construction zone cautionary sign, D-Signs & Awnings brings the tools, talent, and technology necessary to create signs that keep people and businesses safe so you can focus on doing business as usual.

From Allentown to Doylestown, Lehighton, and Coopersburg, throughout Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and all the surrounding communities, companies who need signs that warn of potential danger turn to D-Signs & Awnings. Our designers, fabricators, and installers work together to ensure your protective signage needs are fulfilled. Durable high-quality vinyl signs, high-visibility safety colored metal signs: whatever you need, we provide the signs that clearly and distinctly share your protective message.

Retractable clear barriersWe Take Safety Seriously

As a full-service family-owned-and-operated signage company, D-Signs & Awnings takes pride in creating all our protective signage solutions in-house. This means we oversee every step, from initial consultation to the design process, through manufacturing and installation. Our team learns about your needs. We discuss installation locations, design, and business colors, ensuring your signs do what you need them to do. With our professional designs and meticulous manufacturing processes, we share your protective messaging so your customers and employees will always know you care.

We can develop a mock-up for you to review before we begin the manufacturing process so there are no surprises. Whenever possible, we support neighborhood businesses by sourcing our materials locally, enabling us to control prices and maintain a competitive edge. If permits are required, we’ll assist in acquiring them.

Our team will continue to provide exemplary service during the installation process. If your signage requires something beyond self-installation, our experienced installers handle the job for you.

social distancing signage and floor decalsOur preventive signage solutions include (but aren’t limited to):

    Especially important during the current pandemic, our plexiglass barriers help you maintain social distancing and physical separation while protecting from airborne contaminants transferred through sneezing and/or coughing. Available in nearly any size or shape, our team can incorporate logos, store names, and additional information in your barrier design.
    Social distancing signs tell your clients, employees, and vendors that your business and/or organization is serious about their health and safety as you remind them of the benefits of keeping a 6-foot distance from others. We can provide floor decals, banners, and other types of signage and that help remind and enforce social distancing.
    Available in many sizes, including tall and wide floor-standing sizes, vinyl enclosures provide a visible barrier that helps make your guests feel safe and protected. These are very popular in smaller diners, between workout stations at gyms, in crowded offices, and many other common areas.

All of these products can be specially designed to include company logos, names, and color schemes, as well as other additional information you wish to share.

Faded, rusty, or badly-made protective signs fail to accomplish your goals of warning customers and employees of potential dangers and safety hazards. D-Signs & Awnings helps ensure your message is highly visible with smartly designed and durably-constructed signs. D-Signs & Awnings is your partner in safety with quality protective signage.

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