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Putting a Face to the Name

D-Signs and Awnings Creates Amazing Signs for Businesses

It lets passers-by know what that impressive brick and mortar location does. It tells them you’ve got a name and a purpose. It can create a sense of excitement, extend an invitation to explore, promote an idea or philosophy and share the personality of your company. A well-designed, quality-made business sign accomplishes all this and so much more.

D-Signs and Awnings does more than manufacture signs. We create a visual representation of your company philosophy, your business’ personality. And when it comes to designing, fabricating, and installing signs, we do it better than anybody in Lehigh County.

Our Sign Design Process

Creating the right sign is a team effort that requires a great deal of planning.
Our multi-step process allows us to design, fabricate, and install a sign that you’ll be proud of for years to come. This process includes:

  • Consultation
    Our team spends time learning about your company, your community, and any ideas you have concerning how your sign should look. This discovery process goes a long way towards helping us determine the right type of fabrication and installation process. We’ll discuss where the sign will be installed, the type of installation required, permitting requirements, and more.
  • Proposal
    Once we’ve gathered the necessary information during the consultation process, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal of the design, fabrication, and installation that will be necessary to create the sign you want.
  • Estimate
    Before the work begins, we’ll provide an accurate estimate of the total costs involved in creating your sign, including design, fabrication, and installation, as well as any costs associated with permission procurement. We know how important it is to have accurate information concerning business expenditures and we’ll do our part to make sure you have the information necessary to proceed.

Sign Design

Do you have a company logo? Are there certain colors associated with your company’s name? What visual image do you want to project when branding your company? What existing code requirements need to be considered? D-Signs and Awnings asks these and many other questions to determine the design of your sign. If a simple, understated sign best represents your company’s identity, D-Signs and Awnings can design one. If a lightbox is what you need to attract customers, D-Signs and Awnings puts all our design expertise to work for you. What your mind conceives our team makes visible with thoughtful, innovative designs, each tailored to your individual business and sign style selection. If you wish, they’ll incorporate your existing logo.

We also consider your community so your sign will meet your needs and complement your surroundings. They’ll guide you through the entire design process, explain the best way to portray your image, share what type of sign is best suited for your design choice, and show you how the completed sign will look. This ensures you get exactly what you want by allowing us to make any requested changes before we begin the production process.


Sign Fabrication and Sign Installation

Here’s where our artful craftsmen put their years of practical experience to work making your sign a reality.
It starts with a careful review of your design so they’re absolutely sure they understand every detail. Once assured that they have full comprehension of your wishes, they choose the materials best suited to execute the design. D-Signs and Awnings chooses materials that deliver an attractive finish and polished presentation. Aluminum, coroplast, acrylics, woods, corrugated plastics, polyvinyl, and a host of other materials are chosen not only for their presentation but also for their ability to withstand the elements. Your sign represents an investment in your business, and D-Signs and Awnings works hard to give you the best possible return on your investment with long-lasting, durable, and attractive signs.


Our team includes permit specialists who know how to review and interpret municipal codes. We’ve developed relationships with many city planners and work to expedite the approval process, so your sign permits are issued without problems. We adhere to all zoning and variance policies in Allentown, Doylestown, Lehighton, Coopersburg, Stroudsburg, PA, Phillipsburg, NJ, and the surrounding areas to ensure you’re always in compliance.

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